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We already have a reputation for delivering great PR, press organising and marketing. With over 15 years working for companies including UK Athletics, Nova International, London Marathon as well as a host of theatre companies and events, we can offer all this expertise to you.


Here are some links of people who we have helped in the past with some nice words from them as well!


This section will lead you to the press section where full press releases and copy write free pictures are available.


Here is the latest news on Ed Tutty Communications and press release from some of the projects are involved with. [blog] Go to the Durham Big Ride facebook site for the latest news on two great weekends of cycling in Durham


Have a look at just some of the events and places where Ed Tutty Communications are working. more...
  • What we do

    No matter what size of business or event you have, we can help you out with getting the most out of your marketing and PR

    Ed Tutty Communications have been involved with international events and local events. We pride ourselves on treating all contracts with our full attention and giving our maximum to make sure to make sure you are happy with the results. ...more

  • Events

    Whatever level of event you are thinking about, Ed Tutty Communications can help.

    From your major events where we can advise on certain parts: media, publicity, marketing right through to project managing from the concept to end delivery. We have the experience to make it a special event and one you will be proud of. ...more

  • Press

    We pride ourselves on knowing what the media want and how to get the maximum out of our press releases and events.

    Working with media – written press, radio, TV or web based, we have a reputation for sending stories that are of interest to the media and not just putting out releases for the sake of it. ...more

  • Consultancy

    You may have an event or your company has had public relations advice before and you feel it could do with a fresh look at what you do and where you are going with it.

    Maybe, like most businesses at the moment, you have been working so hard on keeping things together that you have taken you eye off the ball a little.  ...more

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